There is just something so special about the day two become one...

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What Makes Your Heart Skip A Beat?

Does a huge smile spread across your face when you watch a wedding video or look at wedding photos on instagram?? Well, that is what happens to me every time I see a wedding photo or watch a video of a bride and groom's first dance.

Every time I hear the love story of the couples that I could potentially capture, my heart skips a beat. Love is the thread that holds this crazy place together. Love is an incredible living thing. Two people becoming one is a literal miracle and I get the honor of documenting that for people. I absolutely love weddings and I am absolutely a champion for love. The sacrifice and selflessness it takes to love another with your entire being amazes me. If you are looking for someone who will document your love in a real and authentic way then I would love to chat. If you are looking for a new friend who is here to champion you and your spouse in marriage then I may be the person for you. Your wedding day is the launch pad to the rest of your life. Take a look around my website…I hope you feel the love, I hope your heart skips a beat, and if it does then please contact me and we can talk about your wedding day. 


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