I love capturing moments in life that you should treasure and rememeber forever


Meet Avery

I want to help you capture any and every moment of life that is important to you so that you will be able to retrieve it in a moments notice. 

I hope to capture those moments in such a way that when you look at your photos you can relive and remember each and every detail of that moment. 

I am a wifey to the most amazing man in the world! Almost ten years of marriage and I love him more than I ever thought was humanly possible! Your wedding day is the start of a life full of love! I am the momma of two incredible boys! They are what fuels me to live a life of love and passion! I love Jesus with all my heart and live in a way that will honor him! I have the best job in the world for real! I get to be apart of a couples biggest day, the day that they become one! There is something so special about the day that two people become one, and I get the honor of capturing it! Also I am not going to lie, I get to eat cake almost every weekend! There is nothing better than wedding cake! Please save me a slice! 

So...that is a little about me! I can't wait to get to know you and the people that are special to you in your life. Below are the people special to me and a few fun facts about me too! 


My Love

I have been married to my best friend for almost 10 years. This sounds super cheesy but he completes me. He is truly my other half.

We took a vow to become one. The vow may happen in a moment but the journey to oneness is just that, a journey. We have had our times of happy and we have had our times of sad, but as one we have laughed, cried, had joy, and had sorrow as one. We welcomed our children together and have grown a family together. He is my love, he is my rock, he is my one. Because of my marriage because of how incredible becoming one is, I have a drive to capture beautiful memories and moments of your day becoming one with your best friend. 


My World

So here we are all together. The day you become one is not just the start of a marriage but the start of a legacy. It is the start of your family.

All families look different but all families are the same in one area, they are founded on love. The love of two people creates a family and it goes back to the day that they vowed themselves to each other and became one. This photo represents the amazing gift that God has given me to be a wife and a mom!  We laugh a lot in this family, we hang out outside all the time, and wrestling contest are a daily must. Our life is adventure and I could not have asked for a more amazing family to do this adventure with…well me and the boys keep praying to add a dog. But even if the dog never comes my life is complete. 


My Life

These two boys right her bring so much joy and excitement into my life. I can’t imagine my life without them.

The day became a mom was the second most incredible day of my life. Becoming one gave me the opportunity to become a mom. I started my business so I could stay at home with my boys. They are what drives me to succeed in my business and provide the best experience possible. They have pushed me to be a better me all around so that I can give them everything they need to become great men of Character who love the Lord and will love others well. They are heart and soul and I am so grateful I am their mom!