Last week I went on a trip that I have been dreaming about for a long time. I have always loved movies and shows that took place in NYC. One of my best friends moved there several years ago and we have always talked about me coming to visit. When Michelle and I first started chatting about me possibly capturing their wedding day an engagement session in NYC (she lived there) was totally on the table. When she chose me I instantly called my friend and told her I was finally going to be able to plan my trip to the city! I was as nervous as I was excited because I am a closet Law and Order SVU fan and I have watched all 25 seasons of it, but from the moment I stepped into NYC I fell in love with it. All the nerves went away and I saw the beauty and the hustle and bustle all around me. Central Park took my breath away, I could not believe I would have the opportunity to photograph two people and their love in this beautiful city. 

 Last Saturday I woke up before the rest of New York City with Steve and Michelle and we did a sunrise engagement session in some of the most beautiful spots in the city. To say this was a dream is a little bit of an understatement. These two were perfect, the city was perfect, and I could not have asked for a more beautiful day. Not only was our shoot super fabulous but getting to connect with my couple was pretty amazing as well. I always tell couples that shooting an engagement session with your wedding photographer is a must. The three of you are really able to get to know each other, figuring out how to jive with each other, and breaking the ice before wedding day. Your wedding day is one of the biggest of your life and your photographer is going to be there in the middle of some of the most private, emotional, and intimate moments of your day. If you have already had a session with your photographer it makes those big moments on that big day all the more comfortable. I know this because it is what everyone says to me after their session and I feel the same way. After this city adventure, wedding day will be a breeze with Steve and Michelle. I hope you enjoy a little peek into their New York City engagement session.