Dawson + Shelby

Dawson and Shelby...oh my what can I say about these two! They are just the sweetest, that is it, just the sweetest. And their day was just the sweetest from the prayer Dawson prayed over his soon to be bride before their ceremony (without peeking I might add) to the amazing macaroons made by the bride herself. So many of their friends and family came together to make this DIY wedding an amazingly sweet success. The Gaar family made sure everything on their property was ready for this wedding day, and without all they did this wedding wouldn't have been what it was. Shelby's dad and brother in law built the dance  floor, Nana Joyce made the centerpieces, and Shelby's friend Abby made the incredible wedding cake! Besides all of the super sweet friends and family that made the day possible Dawson and Shelby had super sweet friends standing by their side as they became one. Dawson's groomsmen were styling in pink bow ties as Dawson decked out his Marine dress blues! And Shelby's maids were so stunning in their Revelry skirt and blouse sets. I hope you enjoy looking over this super sweet wedding and be careful because you will be craving some macaroons after you get through checking this wedding out!