Chandler + Faith

To say that I am beyond excited to finally share this wedding with all of you would be an understatement! I waited on this wedding because it was chosen to be in The Southeastern Bride's incredible book 3 of all real weddings. The heart behind this incredible magazine is not to just show you pretty wedding inspiration but to pour into your future marriage. I hope you enjoy Faith and Chandler's story and glimpse into their enchanting wedding. 

From The Bride:

Planning a wedding truly is so much fun. I remember finally choosing our date and when I would tell people or hear it out loud, it would just sound so beautiful, like the most perfect wedding date ever. Looking back at that it sounds really silly but it was true! October 2nd in my mind is still the most perfect day. The day I married my best friend and the day that changed my life forever. Every little detail was bringing us closer to that day and when it was finally here it felt like a dream. I remember going to bed the night before my wedding day with an overwhelming peace and waking up with that same peace. All that mattered to me was getting to the end of that aisle and marrying the most amazing man in the world. Some of my favorite parts of our day that are still so clear in my mind are some of the littlest things but they meant the world to us. I remember my bridesmaids and Avery praying over me three times that morning. Once right before our day got started when we had run into a small issue. I remember being so thankful that my sister in law who was also a bridesmaid, totally intervened in that moment and prayed hard over our day. The other two times were right before I walked down the aisle. I’ll cherish those moments and those prayers forever. I also remember hearing the “Disney Fairytale Weddings” instrumental music (that we spent countless hours listening to leading up to the wedding) playing faintly through the woods as I was waiting to walk down the aisle with my dad. It was beautiful. We were getting married in the middle of the woods, the weather was gorgeous, the lighting was perfect and we were surrounded with SO much love. I remember the jump in my heart when I saw Chandler waiting for me and the tears instantly started to fall. I’m pretty sure I cried through our entire ceremony and he kept nonchalantly trying to offer me a tissue he had in his pocket. Ha!

The ceremony was short and sweet and everything we had dreamed it would be. Even though we were surrounded by almost 200 people, it felt like just the two of us out there in the woods promising each other forever. 

The entire night was amazing. I can still remember how romantic our first dance was and how much fun it was to just enjoy the company of all our friends and family and celebrate for hours. The day went by quickly as everyone told us it would but our new adventure was just beginning. As we drove off to our hotel that night we couldn’t stop talking about how incredible that night was and we kept replaying things over and over in our heads and we just kept saying “oh my gosh, we’re married!” It felt so surreal. The next morning we took off in a plane super early in the morning for Costa Rica. Our honeymoon was just an extension of the dream that our wedding day was. Not a week goes by that we don’t talk about going back there and re-living it as soon as possible. 

I hope you enjoy these sweet memories, fun details, and beautiful photos. Check the bottom of the post for all of the amazing vendors that made this day happen!  


Cake - Lee Ann Ward

Lighting and DJ- Powell entertainment

Coordinator- Confetti coordinating 

Caterer - Namans catering

Venue - 5 rivers delta 

Stationery and florals Faith Kristina Designs