I have had some really amazing and fun couples in the past but I will have to rate Ryan and Chrissy as a 10 in the fun department and their wedding party the same. This day was filled with such joy, laughter, and celebration. One of my favorite things on wedding day is meeting the people that my couples have asked to be with them throughout their most important day. I love to hear why and how each of them met and I love to hear the stories of the years they have been by each others sides. The crew from this wedding took the cake for me. They were more than just friends to the bride and groom they were FRAMILY (that is friends/family for all of you who are not good with play on words). This crew has been there for each other through the years and have surpassed the level of friendship. I laughed all day long as I watch these guys together then I laughed again the entire time I edited this wedding. I hope you enjoy a little look into this super fun day!