Welcome to the new Avery Forrest Photography

I can not even begin to describe how excited I am to share my new website with all of you! The past two years of my business I transitioned from shooting a little of everything to focusing on weddings. I have had some incredible clients, captured amazing love stories, and grown in my style and art! It has been an amazing time as I have traveled on this journey. I am so thankful for all of you who have taken this ride with me.  

In September I followed an incredibly talented designer on instagram and immediately knew I wanted her to design my website. I had always done my own, but now that I felt solid in my style and where I wanted to go with my business and brand I was ready for someone to create what was in my heart and mind. Sofia with Magnolia Creative Studios  got to know my heart, my vision, and my passion just a little then she did her magic. She went to work on my site and created what my soul wanted to share with all of you! So I hope you enjoy looking around. 

Not only do I want to share this lovely new site with you but also want to share my new philosophy of how I capture a wedding day. I have learned several things over the past few years of shooting weddings. 1. while most all weddings consist of certain elements and timelines flow throughout the day, no wedding is the same. 2. While every wedding has a Bride and Groom no two couples are the exact same. So because of this, I do not offer packages for you to pick from. I spend time with my couple designing and coming up with a custom timeline for each couple. I design this based off the type of wedding you are having, the size of bridal party, and the needs of the couple as far as what they envision for their day. I want to capture your entire day so that you can retell the entire story through your photos. In my experience the weddings I have done this with have always went smooth and amazing as far as the photography timeline went. Some weddings need 6 hours while some weddings need 10 and even 12. I will use my expertise and experience along with my couples talking about their needs and desires to help us come up with the best way to capture the day. I am so excited to start this new way of capturing a wedding and so far all of the couples I have booked are very excited too! 

Again, I am so excited to share my new brand and new philosophy with you all and can not wait for all of the new Avery Forrest Photography couples I will meet and capture over the next several years! If you know of someone recently engaged then send them my way. 


xoxo Avery