Details: This session is going to be styled by an incredible team including @shopthewanderinglilly and Faith Kristina Designs. So get ready to be pampered. Hair, Makeup, and Clothing will be provided and styled by our team. This session will take place in Baldwin County Alabama so you must be willing to come to the location. Here are the guidelines.

1. You must be engaged

2. You must not be contracted with another wedding photographer already.

3. You must go follow @shopthewanderinglilly on Facebook and Instagram

4. You must go follow Faith Kristina Designs on Facebook and Instagram

5. You must go like and follow @averyforrestphotography on Facebook and Instagram

6. Go to and click engagement giveaway button and register for the contest.

7. Contest Closes Wednesday June 26th

8. Winner will be announced June 28th live on Facebook and Instagram

Please fill out the form *
Please fill out the form
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Fiances Name
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I understand that if I win the engagement session it will take place at a location of the photographer's choice. It will be styled by Avery and her team. *
This will be a styled engagement session. This means it will have a certain look and feel to the session. Clothing style for the couple will be selected by Avery and her team. Most clothing will be provided by Avery and her team.
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